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Webinar: Creating a Frictionless Guest Experience

Event Type: Education
Venue: Online
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1-2 p.m. ET

Guests’ expectations are changing. You may not compete directly with Netflix, Amazon, or Uber; however, your guests are comparing you with the last great experience they had. Expectations transcend industries, and those who are doing it the best are raising the bar across the board.

What these tech giants have in common is their relentless focus on removing friction, which in turns creates greater convenience, which leads to higher loyalty. This presents an ongoing challenge to keep improving the experience for your guests and eliminating hoops that your guests have to jump through.

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Joshua Liebman, ICAE

Josh Liebman, ICAE

Guest Experience Evangelist, ROLLER

Josh Liebman is the Guest Experience Evangelist for ROLLER.  With more than 16 years of experience in the attractions industry, Josh specializes in guest experience, including hospitality standards, complaint resolution, and guest feedback. Josh’s background includes attractions operations, guest service communications, quality assurance consulting, consumer analytics, and guest experience training.  Josh has worked for some of the top attraction operators in the world, including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Merlin Entertainments, and Cedar Fair, and has consulted for organizations including Ritz Carlton and The Coca-Cola Company.  Josh holds a Bachelor's Degree in Theme Parks and Attractions Management and a Master's Degree in Hospitality and Tourism, and has been integral to the openings of multiple attractions in various leadership capacities.