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Providing Value To Your Teams: Why Leading With Kindness Is Essential For Growing Others

Event Type: Education
Venue: Online
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Credit Hour(s): 1

1-2 p.m. ET

Your team members are tasked with the responsibility to interact with guests and provide exceptional experiences. It takes a lot of energy, strength and talent to accomplish such a feat over and over and over! How can leaders help their teams thrive in such a powerful yet demanding role?

Dive into the power and importance of leading with kindness! Nathan Caldwell, an inspirational speaker and bestselling author of Empowering Kindness, will share stories and studies proving that leaders who serve their teams with kindness will see amazing results. Learn how kindness is an actual superpower; improving our physical health, mental health, and team health! Understand why the greatest leaders have a character of kindness.


Headshot of Nathan Caldwell

Nathan Caldwell

Author, Empowering Kindness

Nathan Caldwell is an inspirational speaker and bestselling author of Empowering Kindness. Nathan has a big heart for helping leaders understand the importance of leading with kindness. Through his research into medical, psychological, and organizational case studies he discovered, "It's essential for our mental and physical health, that we work in an environment of kindness!"
Nathan loves sharing his message, especially in the theme park world. (He's a gigantic theme park fan!)
Nathan began his career as an Entertainment Manager for a vacation resort in Ontario, Canada. He then spent several years acting, teaching and directing theater after which he moved into software marketing. It was there Nathan tied together all of his experiences from the film, entertainment, and theater world into creating dynamic stage shows for executives in the software world. Nathan wrote, directed and coached presenters for gigantic software conferences and performed as head of video marketing for nearly 7 years. Nathan's talent for speaking was also utilized as an internal Culture Evangelist speaking regularly on company culture and leading where you are.

Nathan is also currently an Evangelist for a leading cybersecurity company where he helped create a security awareness training solution.