The IAAPA Security Advisory Program (ISAP), is an exclusive member benefit created to provide relevant and timely global security information to IAAPA members.

What to Expect

The purpose of this program is to share current information with members about situations that may be taking place near their location. Members can determine if the shared information could influence their operation and determine what, if any, response and action to take. Members will receive notifications based on their facility’s location and region.

To help participants further understand the ISAP, IAAPA has created a user-guide, found here. The user-guide, among other things, details the reporting criteria, the types of alerts that are tracked and delivered, as well as the break-down by regions. 

How It Works

IAAPA members will receive e-mail notifications* and alerts in near real time through a partnering intelligence gathering agency that compiles information about incidents such as severe weather issues, massive power outages, acts of terror, and other large-scale situations.

Examples of e-mail notification alerts include, and are not limited to:
•  Aviation:
Air Travel Delay, Aircraft Fire, Aircraft Incident, Airliner Crash, Airport Closure, Airspace Restriction

•   Fire:
Brush Fire, Explosion, Industrial Fire, Wildfire

•   Geophysical:
Earthquake, Landslide, Tsunami, Volcano

•   Hazmat:
Biohazard, Chemical Spill , Explosive Materials , Fuel Spill , Hazmat Response , Natural Gas Leak , Oil Spill , Radioactive Material,

•   Infrastructure:
Network Disruption, Power Outage, Sewage Problem, Telecom Outage, Water Main Break

•   Meteorological:
Evacuation, Flooding, Hurricane, Ice Storm, Tornado, Tropical Storm

•   Security:
Bomb Threat, Explosion, Hostage Situation, Insurgent Attack, Police Activity, Protest, Riot, School Lock-down,

•   Structural:
Bridge Collapse, Building Collapse, Mine Incident, Tunnel Collapse

•   Terrorism:
Bio-Terrorism, Bombing, Chemical Terrorism, Nuclear Device, Terrorist Attack

•   Transportation:
Maritime Incident, Port Closure, Public Transportation Disruption, Roadway Closure, Train Derailment

Sign Up

Interested IAAPA member personnel must opt in to receive ISAP alerts by completing the form below.

If you do not know your IAAPA Member ID Number, please contact your regional office:;;;
By checking this box, you acknowledge you are opting into the IAAPA Security Advisory Program. You may opt-out at any time by unsubscribing to an advisory.
*This notification does not constitute legal advice or the rendering of legal or consulting service of any kind. Please do not act or fail to act based upon this information without seeking the services of a competent legal or other professional. IAAPA does not endorse, warrant, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for, the accuracy or completeness of any information provided. All information is provided on an "as is" basis. IAAPA hereby disclaims all warranties regarding the contents of this notification, including, without limitation, all warranties of title, non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. In addition, IAAPA hereby disclaims all liability for any claims, losses, or damages in connection with the use or application of this information.