The Serious Business of Fun

The safety of our guests and employees is the number one priority for the attractions industry. IAAPA promotes the development of safety standards worldwide, working with ASTM International and other standards-setting groups to develop and update industry safety and maintenance requirements.

IAAPA also promotes industry safety through:

Facility Excellence – Safety is a continuous improvement journey.  To help members on that journey, the Global Safety Committee has created a Facility Excellence Self-Assessment Tool for members to measure their progress.  Please download the tool and use it to assess where you are in your journey.  There is a task force that will be working on improvements over the coming year and we will add those improvements periodically.

Ride Safety Reporting – U.S. IAAPA member facilities must report injuries occurring on amusement rides to the National Safety Council on an annual basis. The NSC compiles this data and publishes a yearly “Fixed-Site Amusement Ride Injury Survey”.

Advocacy – IAAPA tracks ride safety legislation and regulations and works with lawmakers to promote the inclusion of the ASTM Committee F-24 standards into state law and regulation.

Education and training – IAAPA offers programs, products and services to inform and train members and their employees. A safety seminar is held in conjunction with each of the three IAAPA Expos. Most recently, IAAPA has expanded its outreach to the developing attractions industries in Asia, India, the Middle East and South America, through its "Safety Roadshow".

Communications – IAAPA distributes key information to both members and the public via regular news clips, a monthly magazine, and the web.

Watch former IAAPA Chairman Roland Mack's video on the importance of safety to the industry.