European Heritage Label

December 2011

The EU has agreed proposals for a European heritage label intended to promote the continent's common heritage and encourage cultural tourism.

This new voluntary label builds on an existing label that was created in 2006. It will start in 2013 and be granted to sites that are symbolic "for Europe's history or integration", and especially those of importance to more than one member state ("transnational sites").

Sites will be nominated by member states, whose suggestions will be assessed by an independent jury of experts. According to the European Parliament's press release:

"The label will guarantee the quality of selected sites such as monuments, natural, submerged, archaeological, industrial or urban sites, cultural landscapes, places of remembrance, cultural goods and objects or intangible heritage associated with a place. It may also be granted to contemporary heritage, for relevance to Europe's common history and heritage rather than its architectural or aesthetic merits."

Find out more from the EC website.