Profiles in Leadership

Women from theme parks, family entertainment centers, museums, water parks, and the manufacturer and supplier community answered Funworld's questions on what it means to be a woman in the attractions industry and how they've built successful careers. Know a professional we should talk to? E-mail Prasana William, IAAPA manager, digital content and strategy.

Heather Barnes
Denise Beckson
Christine Buhr
Kathy Burrows
Cecilia Chavez
Jane Cooper
Sandra Daniels
Juliana Delaney
Stacy Frole
Adrea Gibbs
Ai Hashimoto
Chloe Hausfeld
Pamela Landwirth
Vivian Lee
Cynthia Mamon
Elizabeth Lugo Monjarras
Tara Morandi
Stacy Ososkie
Luciana Periales
Melissa Plante
Gina Romano
Linda Round
Tina Schwartz
Sara Seay
Kim Shaefer
Beth Standlee
Mary Stuart
Amanda Thompson
Lauren Wood Weaver
Bonnie Sherman Weber
Laura Woodburn