Social Media Channels:
IAAPA established several social media channels to assist the attractions industry professionals worldwide expand their network of ideas and share professional experiences and advice globally in a more instantaneous manner. 

Please follow the group guidelines below when posting a discussion or comment. These have been developed to help facilitate social networking and to engage all members in relevant dialog.

IAAPA Social Media Guidelines

• Keep it clean: No profanity or inappropriate images allowed.
• Keep it civil: No personal or corporate attacks.
• Keep it legal: No antitrust information permitted. (i.e. no discussions of pricing or costs)
• Keep it relevant: All posts should be about the attractions industry.
• Keep it consistent with IAAPA policies: Posts should not violate IAAPA policies
• Avoid hard-sell pitches*.

* In the spirit of maintaining a productive exchange within the context of this social media outlet, we don’t want this to be a space for one-way communication of advertising and promotional messages. If that happens, attractions owners and operators will likely disengage from the discussion and the group will be ineffective. With that in mind, if someone posts a discussion and asks for guidance or information on an issue, it is completely appropriate for a manufacturer, supplier, consultant, or anyone else to share their experiences related to the topic and explain their area of expertise.

We know and appreciate that your participation in this forum is completely voluntary and we want to maintain it in a way that is beneficial for all participants. These guidelines have been developed to do just that and to help ensure the exchange and networking within the group remains active and productive. If members post discussions or comments that violate the group guidelines, they will receive a message from the group administrator to remind them about the guidelines. If they continue to post discussions or comments that violate the guidelines they will be removed from the group. IAAPA reserves the right to delete any post deemed to violate IAAPA’s social media policy.

We greatly appreciate your support, active participation, and cooperation.