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IAAPA EMEA Spring Forum 2017 | 8-10 May 2017 | Krakow, Poland

Thanks to all participants and speakers of this year´s Spring Forum!

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Speaker: Andreas Andersen, CEO, Liseberg Group and First Vice Chair of IAAPA
Topic: The importance of Safety: An operators perspective and IAAPA’s position on Safety

Speaker: Daniel Heinst, CEO at Holiday Park Kownaty
TopicInsights into the developing Polish attractions market along with specific details on his own project, Holiday Park Kownaty.

Speaker: Agata Jakób, Manager, Loopy's World
TopicUpdate on the long standing FEC industry in Poland sharing peronsal insights into their focus and management of facility safety.

Speaker: Park of Poland management
Topic: Park of Poland will speak on the the development of this major attraction project in Warsaw.

Speaker: Har Kupers, COO at Vekoma Ride BV
TopicSafety: Overview on the world  safety standards for Amusement Rides with some practical information on how these are used.

Speaker: Saltmine Marketing Manager
Topic: The Development of the Saltmine as a tourist attraction (To become available for download)

Speaker:  Engerylandia management
Topic: Will present on the evolution of this unique and ever expanding theme park.  Outlook about some of the major ambitions the park has in store for the future (To become available for download)



Many thanks to Holiday Park Kownaty, JNELC and Vekoma Rides as official sponsors of the IAAPA EMEA Spring Forum 2017.
Holiday Park Kownaty
Vekoma Rides