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IAAPA requires its members to observe a code of conduct outlining responsibilities:
  1. To maintain safety as the highest priority in their businesses and to comply with all applicable standards, laws, and regulations.
  2. To provide clean, wholesome, and safe entertainment for their guests, maintaining the highest standards in quality and service.
  3. To conduct their businesses on the highest plane of integrity, honesty, and social responsibility.
  4. To foster and maintain a spirit of cooperation and fair dealing for buyers and sellers, maintaining the principles of confidentiality, intellectual property protection, and agreed contractual terms.
  5. To establish and maintain cordial and respectful relations with their fellow members worldwide.

We believe that these principles must be carried out by each member individually in order to foster and promote our industry and to protect its excellent reputation of delivering safe family fun.


Our mission is to serve the membership by promoting safe operations, global development, professional growth, and commercial success of the amusement parks and attractions industry.


We envision a professional association regarded as an indispensable resource for our members and an international authority for our industry. Central to achieving our vision is a focus on our members as the reason for our existence and a resolute respect for our employees as the source of our strength.


In addition to the mission and vision statements, IAAPA has certain core beliefs that serve to guide the association in prioritizing goals and strategies. The core beliefs are in essence the association's brand: 

  • Safety is the foundation of our profession and top priority.
  • Global association, single brand.
  • Tell the industry story to the public, governments, and the media factually and truthfully.
  • Protect the attractions business.
  • Conduct business with professionalism and integrity. 
  • Bring the industry together through premier expos, education and publications.
  • Be committed to members’ needs and expectations to help them be successful.